My computer has always been so brainy and smart –
It seems to know mountains of information by heart.
The poet begins the poem on a positive note on computers. She initially gives an introduction to how her computer usually functions well. She uses the personal pronoun 'My', thereby establishing that the poem is restricted only to a specific computer and does not address computers in general. She begins by heaping praise on her computer. Although the poem refers to a specific computer, the work that she attributes to it is common to all computers.
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The computer has a lot of positive effects
Computers are generally programmed in a way that it obeys the commands given. The initial computer performed mathematical operations. It, later on, got updated to new versions, that in today's world it is rather difficult to perform tasks without a computer.
The poet beautifully compares her computer with a human who can perform all tasks and is brainy. Human beings are supposedly the highest in the hierarchy and are capable of feeling, thinking and being creative. She compares the machine to humans depicting that they have taken over the activities of humans.
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Computer performing mathematical operations
Words with difficult Meaning:
RestrictingTo put a limit on something
HeapingTo pile something in a large amount
AttributesA quality
UpdatedA new and fresh version
Hierarchy A system with lowest and highest
CreativeHaving skills to produce new things
DepictingTo show
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