Computers are devices that were invented to make the lives of human beings easier. In the ancient days, people struggled to do a lot of tasks put together. The computer can perform logical and arithmetic operations quickly. A computer contains both hardware and software.
Initially, computers were only programmed for arithmetic operations. It started off with basic operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The earliest form of device to count was the abacus and Tally sticks. The first known mechanical computer was invented by Charles Babbage, who is still referred to as 'Father of the computer' in the early \(19\)th century. The computer, later on, evolved from analog, digital to the existing modern day computers. Laptops have taken over the place of desktops as it is easily carried around.
In the poem "My Computer Needs a Break", the poet makes a point that every device needs to be shut down for a while. The computer needs a rest as it has been overworked.  It is a poem of four stanzas dealing with a simple theme.