A figure of speech is a word or phrase, that deviates from the ordinary language, in such a way that it has a different meaning from the original written meaning in the poem. There are many types of figure of speech in poetry such as Metaphor, Personification, Simile etc.
A personification is a figure of speech which gives human qualities to non human things such as nature or household things. It represents qualities, emotions and non living things as though they are a human being. In the sentence "My alarm clock yells at me in the morning", the action 'yell' is attributed to an alarm clock which is a lifeless being. Usually yelling is done only by humans. Here the action is given to the alarm clock to emphasize and give effect to what the statement is trying to convey ie. That the alarm clock was loud.
The moon smiled at the stars in the sky.
Time flies when you're having fun.
Lightning danced across the sky.
The wind howled in the night.
The moon smiled at the stars in the sky
Personification from the poem "My Computer Needs a Break":
  • My computer has always been so brainy and smart  - Computer cannot have any qualities as it is a machine, but it is compared to a human who is smart because of its functions.
  • It seems to know mountains of information by heart- Computer do not have a heart and therefore cannot memorize answers.
  • My computer always gives me the answer really quick - Computers cannot give answers like a human. It can only project answers on the screen.
  • My computer has been behaving badly  - Computers cannot behave like a human be it bad or good.
  • It’s so absent-minded - Only humans can forget things and be absent-minded.
  • It forgets to ‘save’ my work - Computers cannot forget as it does not have a memory like humans.
  • My naughty computer actually gobbled a worm - Computers cannot eat and therefore cannot gobble worms.
  • Then my computer caught a virus, and fell very sick - Computers cannot fall sick as it does not any organs or normal functioning body.
  • Do you think my tired computer wants a holiday - Only human beings need a holiday and not machines. Computers need to be switched off for a while.