You've brought us closer,
Then made us more distant.
Made us more aware,
Then made us doubtful of ourselves.
Introduce us to more friends,
Then invited more enemies.
Given us more publicity,
Then exploited us.
Save us more time,
Now it's spent to be more busy.
Simplify our tasks just to make life more difficult.
You're an entrapping blessing in disguise.
Made us feel more secure,
Yet gave us more tools to break in.
You've become our new addiction,
Just a second without you,
Got us in technology withdraw.
You're a complication in simplicity.
There's so much to love you but also so much to hate.
Can't live with you or without you.
                                                       ~Tien Dang
The poem gives the readers a wide view of the benefits and drawbacks of technology. Although cell phones and internet, brought people closer, they also made them distant. People do not meet their near ones, they do not write letters, as they always send a casual text. The world has become more open to conversations and emotions, in a place filled with emoticons. Technology also has got us more enemies than friends, as the internet has now become the space to criticize and spread hatred against each other. Although it saves more time, it also consumes our time, as people spend their whole day immersed in the internet. Although the internet simplifies our work, it has made life difficult. People get addicted to the various modes of technology, which almost ruins their lives. The poem concludes by saying that technology, if not consumed in the right proportion may be more of a bane than a blessing. One can neither ignore and live a life without the internet, nor can spend more time with it.