My Hobby: Reading is a poem written by Arunachalam Chandrashekharan.
Hobbies are activities done to de-stress and relax ourselves. There is no strict rule that one should follow one type of hobby. We can choose whatever we like and do it in our spare time. Sometimes, activities that we start as hobbies may even end up as a successful career option. This poem deals with the favourite hobby of millions of people throughout the world - reading.
Reading books not only increases our knowledge, but improves our language, helps in academics, gives us an extra edge than others who do not read. Lets study the poem now.
My hobby is reading
It helps me              
In thought breeding.
It takes me to places
Near and far,
It keeps my rational
Doors ajar.
It teaches me
To cackle and cry
Without wings
It lets me fly.
I wish
If all the children could read,
In constructing a vigorous society,
Then we shall succeed.
                                                  - Arunachalam Chandrashekharan
Reading helps you to explore various thoughts, travel through out the world, fly without wings,  and succeed in life!
The poet says his hobby is reading. He feels it helps him to grow and cultivate new thoughts. Cultivating new thoughts in different spheres is very important for our growth. He says it takes him to places near and far - for example, just by reading about Europe, one can know so much about the place, that it feels like you have travelled to that place. Reading gives that pleasure of travelling to near and far off places. He writes that it keeps his logical and reasoning skills intact - he compares his mind to a room, and says that the doors of his mind are kept open because of his reading habit. We should think logically and reason out why things happen, the way it happens - reading helps us to think rationally. He says the door is open ajar. Ajar means only slightly open - he could be referring that it is only slightly open to say that he is blocking negative thoughts by doing so.
He says reading teaches him to laugh and cry in the same spirit - accept joy and sorrow the same way. He says reading helps him to laugh out loudly during joyous time and to cry out his sorrows during unhappy times. He says reading lets him fly without wings - it means his thoughts can travel anywhere he wants to, he does not need wings for that. Reading helps to have a unrestricted thought process. He wishes that if all the children could read, then we all can succeed together by building a strong and powerful society.
"If all the children could read" - Here he refers to two meanings - reading as literacy and reading as a hobby also. Firstly all children should get education to be able to read. Secondly, if we choose reading as our hobby, we will become knowledgeable citizens and drive the country towards success and growth. Finally we can also enjoy all the benefits of reading, as enjoyed by the poet.
The rhyming words in the poem are:
  1. reading - breeding
  2. far - ajar
  3. cry - fly
  4. read - succeed
Meanings of difficult words:
breedingprocreate, grow and cultivate
ajarslightly open
rationallogical reasoning
cacklelaugh loudly (informal usage)
strong, powerful
To know more about rhyming words, click here.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-1 English Standard-8. My Hobby: Reading - Arunachalam Chandrashekharan(pp. 95-98). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.