The pattern of rhymes at the ending of each line in a poem is called a rhyme scheme. Letters (A,B,C...) are usually used to express which lines rhyme. Verses that are designated with the same letter are said to rhyme with each other. It is also known as an arrangement of rhymes in a stanza or a poem.
The rhyme scheme is as follows:
My hobby is reading\(A\)
It helps me\(B\)
In thought breeding.\(A\)
It takes me to places\(C\)
Near and far,\(D\)
It keeps my rational\(E\)
Doors ajar.\(D\)
It teaches me\(F\)
To cackle and cry\(G\)
Without wings\(H\)
It lets me fly.\(G\)
I wish\(I\)
If all the children could  read,\(J\)
In constructing a vigorous  society,\(K\)
Then we shall succeed.\(J\)
The overall rhyme scheme in this poem is \(A B A C\) -\(D E D F\) - \(G H G I\) -  \(J K J\).