Prasanth: Hi, friends!
Murthy: Hi, we have come here to play under the shade of this big Neem tree.
Grandpa: Yes kids, you need to be very careful as the Sun is scorching.
Mani: My mother has instructed me not to roam in sunlight between \(10\) A.M. and \(3\) P.M. as it is very hot.
Grandpa: That’s true. But, you also need more physical activities. Hence play safely in the Sun. Take breaks by going indoors or moving to places with shade.
Sam: Can we put on sunscreen before going out in the sun?
Grandpa: Yes, you need to put on the Sunscreen \(15\) to \(20\) minutes before going out to avoid Sun burn.
Prasanth: Grandpa! I’m feeling exhausted.
Grandpa: Oh, it may be due to the heat. When the body cannot cool itself fast enough, We may get a heat sun stroke.
Prasanth: How will I know, if I getting a sun stroke?
Grandpa: Be sure to tell an adult if you’re feeling hot, have head ache, feeling giddy or nauseated.
Jaffer: I like to play outdoor games than indoor ones.
Grandpa: That’s really nice. But the big part of going outside and playing in safe environment comes from knowing, How to be STREET SMART.
This scene deals with the safety precautions to be taken when going out during hot summers.
Prasanth joined his friends in this scene. The characters in this scene are:
  • Prasanth
  • Grandpa
  • Murthy
  • Mani
  • Sam
  • Jaffer
Prasanth greeted his friends with a "Hi!". Murthy said they had come to play under the shade of the big neem tree. Grandpa agreed and said kids need to be careful as it was very hot that day. Mani said his mother had instructed him not to wander outside in the heat between \(10\) AM to \(3\) PM as it was very hot. Grandpa said what Mani's mother said was true, but he also said that they needed physical activities. Children should not remain indoors always since it is very hot outside. Grandpa told them to play safely in the sun. He advised them to take breaks by going inside or to places with shade.
Sam had a doubt; he asked if they can put on sunscreen before going out. Grandpa replied that they need to put sunscreen \(15\)-\(20\) minutes before going out to avoid sunburn (reddening of the skin) due to excessive heat.
Sunburn (reddening of skin) due to excessive heat.
Prasanth said he was feeling extremely tired. Grandpa found that it must be due to the heat and he added that when the body cannot cool itself fast, we may get a sunstroke. A stroke is a sudden attack that disables you or stops the blood flow to the brain. Due to excessive heat, one may get a sunstroke. Prasanth asked how he would know if he was getting a sunstroke.
Grandpa explained the symptoms of the sunstroke:
  • feeling hot
  • having a headache
  • feeling giddy
  • feeling nauseated
Symptoms - headache, nausea, giddiness due to heat
Grandpa advised the children to inform an adult nearby if they had any of the above symptoms. Jaffer told he liked to play outdoor games better than indoor games. Grandpa replied that it was good, but they should know the dangers and difficulties of doing every activity. Going outdoor and playing games is good, but we should play in a safe environment.
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