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Ravi: Could you please tell us the safety measures to practise at home, grandpa?
Grandpa: Sure. We should learn to put things back in their respective places after using them. We should not play with knives, scissors etc.
Ravi: I believe you are getting a call, grandpa. Here is your mobile phone.
Grandpa: Thank you, Ravi. I think it is my old friend, Raghu.
Madam: Wow! A nice phone.
Ravi: Yes, it’s a latest one too. Grandpa bought it last week in Chennai.
Prasanth: I heard it works like a super computer.
Ravi: Yes of course. It is very useful for my projects too.
Grandpa: These mobile phones are very useful but we should use it with care. You should use it in the presence on an adults.
Prasanth: Tell us about the safety measures while using the internet, grandpa.
Grandpa: Make yourself cyber safe by not posting your personal information, photos, vacation plans in the social media.
Grandpa: From fertilizers to antifreeze, medicine to makeup set and poisonous items are kept away from the children in our homes.
Grandpa: Could I have your views on using the medicines effectively?
Ravi: I think we should store all medicines out of sight and reach of children.
Grandpa: Good. Medicines should be kept a locked cabinet.
Jaffer: I also think pills and syrups, should be kept in their original containers and the left over pills should always be counted.
Grandpa: That’s nice idea.
Ravi: I get it. Medicines should be stored in their original containers and we should keep a count avoid misused.
Grandpa: Hazardous automotive and gardening products should be secured and kept locked.
Devi: A first aid kit is a must in every household which should also have an emergency instruction inside it.
Grandpa: It’s nice to see kids coming up with wonderful ideas.
Children: Thank you grandpa for your guidance. We shall follow your advice and together protect ourselves from dangers.
Grandpa: It’s getting late. We can talk more tomorrow. Take care children!
This scene deals with safety measures to be followed at home. The characters in this scene are:
  • Grandpa
  • Ravi
  • Madan
  • Prasanth
  • Jaffer
  • Devi
Ravi asked grandpa if he could explain the safety measures to be practised at home. Grandpa started by saying we should learn to keep things back in their places from where we took them, after use. He also added children should not play with sharp objects like knives, scissors etc. Just then the mobile phone rang, and Ravi handed over the phone to grandpa. Grandpa thanked Ravi for passing the phone and told him that it was his old friend Raghu on the call. Madan said "wow!" and that it's a nice phone. Ravi said it was the latest model phone that Grandpa bought in Chennai last week. Prasanth told he had heard that it worked like a supercomputer. Ravi agreed and said it was useful for his projects also.
Grandpa said mobile phones are very useful, but one should use it carefully and only in the presence of adults. Prasanth asked grandpa to explain the safety measures to be taken while using the internet. Grandpa told we should make ourselves cyber safe - cyber safe means remaining safe in the online world. We should not display out personal information, photos or vacation schedules in the social media.
Be cyber safe!
Grandpa moved to the next item of safety measure - keeping some household items out of reach of small children. They are:
  • Fertilizers (poisonous chemicals)
  • Antifreeze (a liquid that can be added to water to lower the freezing point) used in engines, heaters etc.
  • Medicines
  • Makeup sets
  • Poisonous items
Grandpa had a question for the children - he asked what they thought about handling medicines properly. Ravi said we should store all medicines out of reach and sight of small children. It means children should not be able to see or touch medicines. Grandpa agreed and said medicines should be kept in a locked container. Jaffer added that tablets, syrups should be kept in their original boxes, and the remaining pills should be counted. This ensures that medicines names do not get mixed up and we will have a count of remaining medicines in hand. Grandpa appreciated him saying it was a nice idea. Ravi told he understood that misuse of medicines could be avoided by doing so.
Keep pills and syrups in original containers!
Grandpa told them that dangerous automobile and gardening products should be kept safely locked somewhere. Devi had a point to add - she told that a first aid kit should be compulsory in every house with an instruction paper inside it. This is to know the items to be used in case of different emergencies. Grandpa appreciated the kids that they were coming up with good ideas. All the children thanked grandpa for his instruction. They told him that they would follow his advice and protect themselves from dangers. Grandpa said it was getting late and they could talk more the following day. Grandpa told them to take care of themselves.
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