Section - I :Road safety rules
1. Walk on the right side of the road, against the traffic so that we can see the vehicles coming.
2. To cross the road, wait until the traffic is clear.
3. Walk in a line and not in groups.
4. Never use a cell phone while walking on the road.
5. Road safety rules are for our safety; we should follow it strictly.
Section - II : Outdoor safety rules during summer
1. Play under the shades of trees.
summer shade.jpg
2. Do not roam in scorching sunlight between \(10\) AM to \(3\) PM.
scorching heat.jpg
3. Take breaks by going indoors or shades of trees.
tree shade.jpg
4. Apply sunscreen \(15\)-\(20\) minutes before going out.
5. Be street smart - know when to do what.
Section - III Home safety rules:
1. Put the things back in their respective places after using them.
childrens-bedroom-3892379_1280 (1).png
If things are thrown around like this, someone may hurt themselves and we may not get the item when we need it next time.
2. Do not play with knives, scissors etc.
Playing with sharp objects is life-threatening!
3. Mobile phones - use only in the presence of adults.
kids mobile.jpg
Do not take mobile phones when adults are not around!
4. Internet safety measures: Be cyber safe.
cyber safe.jpg
Do not reveal your identity/photos/plans online!  
5. Keep poisonous and hazardous items out of reach of children.
Keep poisonous stuff away from the reach of kids!
6. Medicines should be kept in a locked cabinet; in original containers with count.
med lock.jpg
Arrange medicines neatly in cabinets and keep them locked!
7. Gardening tools, hazardous automotive to be kept secured and locked.
arrange tools.png
Arrange all household items and tools neatly!  
8. First aid kit should be available at home.
A must, at every home, with instructions!