Gladin is doing his homework and has doubts, which he takes to his mother
Gladin: Mom, Do you know how a screw gauge works?
Mom: No, son! Let us browse about it in internet.
Gladin: Oh! Can we find it in the internet?
Mom: Yes Son, Internet is a great tool where you can gather information to gain knowledge.
Gladin: Here it is!!! Thank you mom!
Mom and Dad discuss about their children a while later
Dad: Where are the kids Gladin and Rani?
Mom: Gladin is gathering information in the internet for his science project.
Dad: Good!
Mom: Ah! Rani seems like she is frightened of something.
Dad: Oh! What happened all of a sudden? Is anybody threatening her online?
Mom: Threatening online? Are you suspecting any online predators? Oh goodness!
Dad: Let me call her! Rani! Come here dear!!
Rani appears before her parents with a dull face
Dad: My dear, What happened? You seem dull…
Rani: No... Dad! I am OK
Dad: Don't worry! I am here to help you. Tell me now, How can I help you?
Rani: I am really scared.. Oh no! What if he comes home..
Dad: Who? Any of your online friends?
Rani: Yes.. He chats everyday.. He knows my name, address, age everything. Nowadays he uses bad words. He also told me that if I discuss about the chat to anyone else, he will cause harm to my family members.
Dad: Don't respond to his messages even if he continuously disturbs you. After some days, he may not chat. Still if he bothers you, I will take care of him by talking to his parents or I will report to the cyber police. Don't worry my dear.
Rani: Thankyou so much dad!
Mom is concerned about the awareness that her children should have on cyber safety and asks dad to explain it to them in an easy way.
Mom: Dear, Please advice our children how to use internet wisely.
Dad: Fine! Call Gladin.
After Gladin arrives, dad sets about teaching them about using internet safely.
Dad: Children, online facilities are for sharing among known members. Never chat with anybody until you know them like classmates, friends, family members etc.
Gladin and Rani: Ok dad!
Dad: Keep your personal details like photos, phone number, aadhar number, interests very private.
Gladin: Why so?
Dad: Strangers may use your profile and misuse your information without your knowledge.
Rani: Hm!
Gladin: Oh!
Dad: Internet or mobile helps us to connect with people around the world, allow us to watch movies, listen to music, play games and enjoy various other activities. There is a chance to get addicted to this power house of entertainment.
Mom: Dear, tell them what happens if someone is addicted to it?
Dad: Mobile addiction causes several serious problems such as headache, weakened eyesight, sleep disorder, depression, stress, social isolation, aggressive behaviour, financial problems, ruined relationships, and no or low professional growth.
Gladin and Rani: Oh my god!!
Dad: We can't ignore the beneficial of internet and mobile phone to our life, educationally and socially. But we must limit their usage to take charge of our lives.
Rani: Sure dad!
Mom: Too much of anything is good for nothing!
Gladin: Right Mom!
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