Cyber safety or Online safety is the attempt to use the internet safely without landing into unnecessary trouble from other people using the internet for cheating or hacking. Although the internet has a lot of advantages, it has its fair share of disadvantages and drawbacks. But one need not worry about it, provided one has proper awareness on how to use it. There is a slight chance that these predators target children and teenagers as it is easy to control their mind and threaten them. In the fast moving world, technology has become a mandatory part of everyone's life. People use it to gather information, share files easily, and even for entertainment. But it is also important to know one's limit and not fall prey to online predators. Reports state that around \(7.2\) billion people are subjected to internet risk.
Online predators are people who can pose as someone else and leak important information. They can pose as bank employees or insurance agents and ask for Aadhar or account details to swindle money. They can use social media as a tool, give a friend request or start chatting. Once they have established a cordial relationship with the targeted person, they ask for personal information such as an address, details of assets etc., and try to steal their valuables. The next set of predators are the ones who may threaten their victims and take personal information. These people may threaten students or teenagers that they may harm their dear ones and ask them for favours.
The lesson also tries to make the readers understand the concept of cyber safety in the form of a parent-child conversation. It promotes the idea that when a child is caught in trouble, it is always advisable to consult a parent rather than handling it by themselves. The lesson has a family of two children Gladin and Rani, to whom their dad gives awareness on cyber safety. It also discusses on the side effects one may have when one is addicted to mobile or the internet. It is a call to make everyone understand the fact that too much of anything is harmful.
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Cyber security is mandatory all around the world