Gladin is doing his homework and has doubts, which he takes to his mother
Gladin: Mom, Do you know how a screw gauge works?
Mom: No, son! Let us browse about it in internet.
Gladin: Oh! Can we find it in the internet?
Mom: Yes Son, Internet is a great tool where you can gather information to gain knowledge.
Gladin: Here it is!!! Thank you mom!
The lesson begins with a family set up, as it is easier to depict the horrifying consequences of cyber attacks. The theme is given an introduction with one of the children in the family having a need to quench his thirst for knowledge. The family comprises a dad, mom and two children Gladin and Rani.
Parents with son and daughter
Gladin seeks help from his mother for his homework. Usually, homework is given by a teacher to check the student's understanding of the class. But sometimes, students may find difficulty in bringing on the understanding into practical use and may need help. In the earlier days, there were very few opportunities to do any kind of research for homework or project. One had to go to the library and go through numerous books in order to collect a small detail. But with the advent of the internet, one can just surf through it and take the necessary details.
Gladin is at a loss as he is supposed to know about a screw gauge for his homework. A screw gauge is a device used for the accurate measurement of tiny components. It is usually associated with physics. The internet has information about all the subjects and one can choose as to what he/she wants. Gladin's mother, therefore, suggests him to check the internet to get information about the screw gauge. The lesson starts with an introduction about the advantages of the internet rather than bashing it outright. It later goes on to show the both sides. Gladin and his mom find out the details about the screw gauge in a jiffy on the internet and he makes use of it.
Screw gauge
Words with difficult meaning:
HomeworkWork that is given to students to do away from school, to test their understanding
Screw gaugeAn instrument used to measure tiny components
BrowseTo search for, in the internet
ToolAn object to modify or help someone
GainTo win something
CyberRelating to computers and technology
AdventThe fact of something/someone arriving
SurfSearching for information in the internet
AccurateConfirmed, verified
JiffyIn a short span of time
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