Mom and Dad discuss about their children a while later
Dad: Where are the kids Gladin and Rani?
Mom: Gladin is gathering information in the internet for his science project.
Dad: Good!
Mom: Ah! Rani seems like she is frightened of something.
Dad: Oh! What happened all of a sudden? Is anybody threatening her online?
Mom: Threatening online? Are you suspecting any online predators? Oh goodness!
Dad: Let me call her! Rani! Come here dear!!
As parents of two children, mom and dad are quite anxious about Gladin and Rani's well-being. They discuss about them now and then to make sure that they do not get themselves into trouble. Children can be lured by the various aspects of technology and the digital world, that they may not really pay heed to their own privacy and safety. This is where the role of parents comes into significance. It is important for them to make the children aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of technology. It is also healthy for the parents to monitor their children's usage of social media and other activities.
Mom monitoring child's online activities
Dad enquires with mom as to where Gladin and Rani are. Mom, who had earlier helped Gladin find information about the screw gauge for his physics project, informs the same to dad. Since it is beneficial to use technology to learn new things and sharpen one's skill, dad appreciates it. But when mom talks about Rani, she is slightly doubtful, as, in the recent times, Rani appears to be frightened of something. When one's daughter is stressed about something, a parent can easily make out that something is troubling her and that she is not her usual self.
Dad talks to Rani
Dad is startled to hear that Rani is scared of something and wants to help. He guesses that his daughter might be scared of someone who is threatening her online. People who threaten online can go to the extent of giving death threats and it is easy for a teenager to get scared. It strikes to mom that he might be right and she is also concerned. They decide to call Rani and talk to her as it is very important for parents to sit down and understand what their children are going through.
Words with difficult meaning:
ThreateningIndicating to harm or cause danger
SuspectingTo doubt
AnxiousUneasy, disturbed
LureTo make someone do a thing by offering them something
Pay heedTo take notice
MonitorTo regularly check
SharpeningTo widen one's knowledge
ConcernedWorried about something
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