Rani appears before her parents with a dull face
Dad: My dear, What happened? You seem dull…
Rani: No... Dad! I am OK
Dad: Don't worry! I am here to help you. Tell me now, How can I help you?
Rani, who is only a child, is sceptical about opening up about her problem to her parents. She has a dull face which indicates that she is stressed. Her father understands the situation and does not pressurize her, and rather talks to her with care. Instead of bombarding her with questions, he calmly asks her what was wrong. He also mentions that he had observed that she had been dull off late.
Rani is stressed when she thinks of the online predator
Rani initially tries to dodge the questions by saying that she is alright. She is scared that dad might scold her for chatting online with a stranger. But dad makes her aware that he is only there to help her. When children hide things from their parents, it causes them more trouble. The reason they mostly hide is that they are scared of their reaction. But in reality, things get better when people voice out their problems, especially to elders, as they are more experienced. Once Rani gets the confidence, she expresses her fear that the online predator can cause her trouble by visiting her.
Child opening up about problems to parent
It is important for parents to understand that children are less exposed to the real world and are easily prone to be manipulated by strangers. Sometimes what seems to be a really big issue to the children's eyes may in fact be a small crisis. This is why they have to trust that their parents can help them.
Meaning of difficult words:
BombardingAsking a lot of questions at the same time, thereby attacking someone
PressurizingForcing someone to say or do anything
DodgeTo avoid something
ManipulatedTo control someone's thinking
ExposedNot being protected
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