Rani: I am really scared.. Oh no! What if he comes home..
Dad: Who? Any of your online friends?
Rani: Yes.. He chats everyday.. He knows my name, address, age everything. Nowadays he uses bad words. He also told me that if I discuss about the chat to anyone else, he will cause harm to my family members.
Dad: Don't respond to his messages even if he continuously disturbs you. After some days, he may not chat. Still if he bothers you, I will take care of him by talking to his parents or I will report to the cyber police. Don't worry my dear.
Rani: Thankyou so much dad!
She says that she had unknowingly revealed her name, address, age and all other personal information. Initially, he had managed to gather this information from her by sweet talking. He then slowly changed his colour and revealed the evil person that he is. He even uses foul language to her in order to threaten her. He is also cunning enough to know that his plans might not work if she informs her parents and therefore threatens her to cause harm to her family members. This is just a trick that he uses as he knows that emotional blackmail can easily influence young children.
Online predator asking for personal details
Rani's father is very mature and he understands that the online predator is only taking advantage of Rani's fear. In reality, he cannot harm her if she is not scared and bravely faces him. He could easily be caught by the cyber police if a complaint is lodged. Cyber police is the department specially trained for handling any kind of theft, threatening or harm that is caused online. Rani's father gives instructions as to what she has to do and how she has to react to the situation. The first step is not to respond to texts or calls. The online predator gets triggered only when someone talks back to him. He promises her that if the problem continues then, he would report to the police. Rani is finally relieved that she does not have to be stressed about the predator coming home to attack her.
Cyber police
Meaning of difficult words:
ThreatenTo warn that something bad will happen if someone does not agree to anything
Foul languageUsing bad words
Emotional blackmailTaking advantage of someone by threatening them
TriggeredTo make something happen
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-3 English Standard-8. Cyber Safety (pp. -115 - 129). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.