Mom is concerned about the awareness that her children should have on cyber safety and asks dad to explain it to them in an easy way.
Mom: Dear, Please advice our children how to use internet wisely.
Dad: Fine! Call Gladin.
After Gladin arrives, dad sets about teaching them about using internet safely.
Dad: Children, online facilities are for sharing among known members. Never chat with anybody until you know them like classmates, friends, family members etc.
Gladin and Rani: Ok dad!
Dad: Keep your personal details like photos, phone number, aadhar number, interests very private.
Gladin: Why so?
Dad: Strangers may use your profile and misuse your information without your knowledge.
Rani: Hm!
Gladin: Oh!
Mom realises that Rani has got herself into trouble because of a lack of awareness of cyber safety. She, therefore, asks dad to explain it to them easily. Since she sees that dad is very understanding with his kids, there is no better person than him to explain this complex thing to them in simple terms. Dad does not just think that only girls are at risk with internet predators. Everyone is equally at risk, irrespective of gender. So he wants Gladin's presence as well.
After Gladin comes, dad starts teaching both his children why it is important to be safe when one is using the internet. He sets about explaining that social media is to get in touch with already existing friends. Sometimes a friend, relative or known person may lose contact as they move away owing to their studies or work. Social media helps them to stay in touch with their dear ones. But there is no necessity for one to chat with random strangers online, especially in the case of children. One can always make new friends and know more about them. But it is totally unwise for anyone to disclose personal details to them before getting to know them in person. One must never place his/her trust completely on a stranger. They may take details such as an address, phone number and misuse them.
Online fraud and theft
Online predators have a knack of talking in a really friendly way and getting information. They pose as a close friend and later misuse the very information for theft, threatening, and cheating.
Words with difficult meaning:
DiscloseReveal a secret
RandomNot sure, but chosen by chance
Online PredatorsPeople who threaten online
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