Dad: Internet or mobile helps us to connect with people around the world, allow us to watch movies, listen to music, play games and enjoy various other activities. There is a chance to get addicted to this power house of entertainment.
Mom: Dear, tell them what happens if someone is addicted to it?
Dad: Mobile addiction causes several serious problems such as headache, weakened eyesight, sleep disorder, depression, stress, social isolation, aggressive behaviour, financial problems, ruined relationships, and no or low professional growth.
Gladin and Rani: Oh my god!!
Dad: We can't ignore the beneficial of internet and mobile phone to our life, educationally and socially. But we must limit their usage to take charge of our lives.
Rani: Sure dad!
Mom: Too much of anything is good for nothing!
Gladin: Right Mom!
Dad clearly states that every technological advancement has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is up to the user to make the best out of every new invention. For example, it helps us in terms of entertainment. When a person is bored, he/she can watch a movie of their own interest. They can listen to the music of their choice when they are doing any chores. There are also games and other activities that can entertain anyone who is using the internet.
The real problem starts when a person gets addicted to the use of technology. For example, there are several instances of very young children getting addicted to games like pubg, and losing out on their lives. They fail to realise that there is a beautiful world outside to witness and enjoy. They miss out on time with their family or the general things that are important in life. Dad also says that apart from emotional and mental health reasons, there can also be physical hazards due to the overuse of technology.
Addiction kills
Too much of screen time can actually affect the eyesight of a person. This is because the rays cause extra strain on the muscles below the eyes, which helps one to focus. There is also a chance that one does not get to blink when seeing a screen, which is bad for one's health. This affects certain nerves that connect vision with the brain, giving headache. Looking at a device can also give one a bad posture. This can also lead to financial problems as one might be too lazy to work and would choose scrolling through the device, thereby putting off work.
Addiction makes people like zombies without emotions
But dad does not completely ignore the advantages of technology or the internet, as they can aid in educational and entertainment purposes. It is important that one knows the limits and use it only in a beneficial way. The family agrees to this and learn their lessons about cyber safety.
Words with difficult meaning:
AdvancementsDevelopments, Improvements
AddictNot able to control one's usage of something harmful
FinancialMoney related
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