Vetri had a successful construction business called Vetri Constructions. After his father's death, his brothers demanded their share on the property and the wealth was split. Vetri found it difficult to manage his business, so he found himself a job. But he desired to start a construction company again. He needed money, and his wife suggested him to ask his childhood friend Asif.
After a deep thought, he decided to meet his friend. He took a train and went straight to Asif's office. He was nervous because he thought he might not get an appointment to see him. But Asif saw him on the CCTV camera and came out to welcome him warmly. They discussed about schooldays, fun memories and their businesses. Asif took Vetri home, and they had lunch together.
After two days Vetri received a call, asking him to come to Chennai, as Asif had assigned a new project to Vetri. Vetri could not believe it.