Hobby - Turns A Successful Career
Section - I
Once there was a boy named Mani. He was studying at the school in his village. He found it difficult to read and write. His grandfather noticed it and helped him by reading bedtime stories. Gradually, he started reading on his own. Now, he not only enjoyed reading but also has started writing his own stories. Let us read an essay written by Mani.

Hobbies are the activities that we do in our spare time. Hobbies are unique to people. Some like gardening, a few like photography, many have book reading as their hobby. While other hobbies are swimming, stamp collection, playing video games, and many more.
People have hobbies not only to pass their free time but also to do something useful. Hobbies help people learn new things, relax after a tiring day and to energise their body and mind. Same is the case with me. I love writing, so it is my hobby.
Writing is a unique hobby because most people don't want to exhaust themselves in their spare time. Many feel that writing is tough, but I do not think so. I feel writing is like painting our voice. When I get free time, I pick a pen and a notebook and start painting my ideas in words. I write stories, poems and sometimes, about my feelings. My mind relaxes when I pour my thoughts as words. So, writing energises me.
This lesson is about hobbies. Hobbies are usually activities done in free time or leisure time. But even such activities can help us build a career for ourselves. Let us study about a boy named Mani, who studies in a village. He had difficulty in reading and writing. His grandfather saw his problem and tried to help him. He started reading out stories to Mani every night before he slept. Reading bedtime stories are a traditional form of storytelling. Gradually Mani started reading stories by himself. Moreover, he also started writing stories on his own. This section is an essay written by Mani.
Mani says hobbies are activities that are done in extra time. Each person has a different hobby - gardening, photography, book reading, swimming, stamp collection, playing video games etc.
By doing hobbies, it also solves another purpose of doing something useful like:
  • Learning new things.
  • To relax the mind after a busy day.
  • To energize the mind and body.
Mani says writing is his hobby. It is very different from other hobbies like gardening because it does not have any physical work. Physical work will make us tired, and some people don't prefer to do it in their free time. Similarly, writing may be tough for others, but not for Mani. He feels writing like is like painting his thoughts with words; so whenever he gets free time, he picks up a notebook and pen and starts writing stories, poems and even about his feelings at times. His mind gets relaxed when he does so and energizes him.
Meanings of difficult words:
SpareAdditional, extra.
UniqueDistinct, not common.
EnergizeGive enthusiasm/energy.
ExhaustTire out.
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