When I write things, my imagination is at its best. I imagine a world with magic and magicians. Where I can fly, and birds can talk. Writing helps me completely immerse into that world! Sometimes, I sit with small children and entertain them with these stories of mine. The happiness of their faces makes me to write more and better.
Although writing is just a hobby for me, yet it is very beneficial. It opens my mind to think beyond the little things with a broader mind. It makes me more passionate about my life. It makes me learn new things and enjoy every moment of my life.

My hobby helped me in school too. When I started writing things, I was unable to describe them accurately. With time, my experiences helped me think of new ideas and this made me a good writer.
Now, I look out for things, which I was not able to see before. Hence, I can describe things better in my stories. I feel no problem with writing English essays or stories as it is my hobby. To become a better writer, I spend time on learning how to write in different forms like fiction and non-fiction. It is important to always learn and improve our hobbies. Who knows? One day I could be a writer like R.K. Narayan!
Mani feels his imagination is very good when he writes. His thoughts are endless - he imagines a world with magic and magicians, where he can fly, and birds can talk. He feels writing can absorb him into that world completely. Sometimes he shares his imaginary stories with small children, and they also enjoy his stories. The happiness he sees on their faces motivates him to write more.
Writing is not just a hobby for Mani - he has many other benefits:
  • He thinks beyond small things with a broader viewpoint.
  • Makes him feel strong about his life.
  • Makes him learn new things.
  • He enjoys every minute of his life because of the benefits of writing.
  • Helps him improve his studies also - able to explain answers exactly.
  • Able to describe all new ideas clearly now - so he has become a better writer also.
Now he sees everything in a different view. He is now more vigilant and looks for things that he could not see before. So he is able to describe clearly. English essays have become very easy as it is his hobby. He spends time learning the different types of writing - fiction and non-fiction so that he is able to improve his skills. He emphasizes the importance to learn and improve hobbies. He also hopes he will become a writer someday, like the famous writer R.K.Narayan - who wrote famous books like Malgudi days.
Meanings of difficult words:
FictionImaginative writing.
Look out(phrasal verb) Be vigilant and take notice.
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