Section - II:      
Ajay Kumar Garg, is a very talented young artist. He lives in Jaipur, India. His childhood was going well, until he suffered an injury at the age of three. Ajay was treated, but that treatment left him permanently deaf. His parents tried several hospitals to cure his impairment, but it didn't cure him. His father, once bought him a paint set to play. Ajay started to paint happily. He panted on the walls, floors etc. He looked happy, while using the paint set that was gifted to him. Soon, Ajay’s father realised that Ajay was talented in painting. When Ajay was five years old, a court artist of Dholpur (Rajasthan), Shri Sua Lal saw his painting and was very impressed with his work. He then took Ajay and started training him.
After completing his education, Ajay tried tailoring but, that didn’t make him happy so he went back to painting. He became an apprentice of Asha Devi. She taught Ajay the old and dying technique of 'Traditional Indian Miniature Painting'. He mastered the technique of preparing colors and brushes and gained knowledge of the paintings. Soon he became an accomplished artist in the miniature style. He uses a magnifying glass and a single-haired brush for miniature paintings that depict Indian culture. Ajay is gifted in the practice of creating images on a grain of rice.
Next, let us take up the story of Ajay Kumar Garg. He is a very skilled young artist from Jaipur, India. He had a normal childhood like other children, but at the age of three, he was injured. When he undertook treatment for the same, there were some side effects that made him permanently deaf. He could not hear after that in spite of many treatments. His parents tried to treat him in many hospitals to cure his deafness, but it did not work.
One day, his father got him a paint set to play. He started painting happily, Slowly his interest grew, and he started painting on walls and floors. Ajay's parents realised Ajay's talent in painting. A court artist (who painted for the members of the royalty) of Dholpur, in Rajasthan, saw his paintings and he was impressed that a five-year-old child could paint so well. His name was Shri Sua Lal, and he agreed to train Ajay.
Ajay grew up and completed education. He tried other hobbies like tailoring, but he was not happy. So Ajay went back to painting. He became a trainee under Asha Devi, who taught him the basics of miniature painting. Miniature painting refers to a very small and highly detailed portrait or other painting. The art is a very traditional form and was slowly vanishing in the country. But Ajay, under the guidance of Asha Devi, mastered the technique of preparing the correct colours and brushes and studied about the paintings. Soon he became highly skilled in the miniature art form. He uses a magnifying glass to see the enlarged image of what he was painting; he used the brush with just one hair for painting miniatures, which depicted Indian culture. Ajay is also talented in creating images on a grain of rice.
An image, when seen through a magnifying glass, looks larger than its original size.
Meanings of difficult words:
MiniatureVery small of its kind.
MagnifyingMake something appear larger than it is.
AccomplishedHighly trained or skilled.
GiftedHaving exceptional talent or natural ability.
ImpressedFeeling or showing admiration or respect.
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