Isaac Newton was born on December \(25th\), \(1642\), in a village called Woolsthorpe in England. Isaac was chiefly remarkable for his ingenuity in all mechanical occupations, from a very young age. His grandmother and neighbours always admired his work with the tools. He was interested in clockmaking. He made unique clocks by himself, a water clock - which no one had imagined of, earlier. Further, he made a sundial which can be seen in his house in England, even today. He made a small model of a windmill, after learning the mechanism from the new windmill near his home.
As Isaac grew older, he realized he had more important things than toys and windmills. He wondered with reverential curiosity about the stars, the sky and the distance from the earth to the heavenly bodies. Later he went to Cambridge University and became a scholar. He discovered the nature of light, the composition of sunlight, gravitation force and the mechanism of the universe.
He became a renowned thinker, Member of the Parliament, received the honour of knighthood from the king - but he did not care about it. The more he learnt, he realized how little he knew, when compared to what remained to be known. Isaac Newton died when he was \(85\) years old in \(1727\). It is believed that Newton continues to live somewhere in his spirit form, exploring the infinite wisdom of the universe.
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*Sir Isaac Newton
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