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E-mail is a short form for Electronic Mail. E-mails are used to send letters/messages/communication, using the internet. In today's fast-moving world, letters have almost been replaced by e-mails, especially in the work environment. E-mails are less formal than letters but are considered a valid form of communication.
Advantages of E-mail:
  1. Immediate delivery to the recipient.
  2. Can be sent at any time of the day, month, year.
  3. Cheaper than other modes of communication.
  4. Can be sent to any number of recipients.
  5. Easy to follow up and track earlier mails.
Disadvantages of E-mail:
  1. Internet is the main requirement for sending e-mails.
  2. Viruses may attack the system, and mails may not be received.
  3. Identity of the sender cannot be verified.
  4. Lot of junk mail/unnecessary mail may pile up.
Format of an E-mail:
Subject: Increase in irresponsible cutting of trees
Dear Sir,

     I want to bring to your kind attention about the irresponsible cutting down of trees in our area, Adyar. Please publish this in your esteemed newspaper, so that the information reaches all the corners of the society.

     There has been an indiscriminate cutting down of trees for the past one month in Sunshine Avenue, in Adyar. In the past month, more than 12 trees have been cut down owing to the rise of the new apartment complex. It is needless to say the benefits of trees - right from providing us oxygen to live, to the scenic beauty it offers to the whole area. Not to forget the shady roads, cool breezy evenings, prevention of soil erosion, and home to hundreds of birds and animals. Just for the sake of building new apartments, these trees are being cruelly cut down. Will the concerned officers take a look at this issue and do the needful to stop this activity immediately?

Hoping for a good solution to this problem.
Thank you
Best Regards,
A resident of Sunshine Avenue, Adyar.