The Celebrated Pundit had many disciples and admirers. Among them was the landlord of the area who lived on the other side of the river.
     The landlord had commissioned a poor milkmaid, Moti, to supply a tumblerful of milk to the Pundit, every day in the morning. The milkmaid discharged her duty faithfully, day after day. She crossed the river by the help of a ferry boat and returned home in the same way after delivering the milk at the Pundit’s household. Often the Pundit himself received the milk. Moti prostrated before him.
     She did not fail in her duty even if on some days it rained heavily.
     “What a great privilege it is to serve a great Pundit!” she would tell those who would sympathise with her for her continuous toil.
Once there lived a learned person, an expert in the field of giving lectures about God. He was greatly admired by many people who became his disciples. One amongst such disciples was the landlord of the area where they lived. He lived on the other side of the river.
The Pundit with his disciples.
The landlord had arranged a maid to supply a tumbler full of milk everyday morning, to the Pundit. The milkmaid's name was Moti. Moti was very sincere in her work.
Moti, the milkmaid.
Every day she crossed the river with the help of a small ferry boat and returned home in the same boat, after supplying milk to the Pundit. The Pundit himself got the milk from her, on most of the days. Whenever she met the Pundit, she fell flat on the ground, with her head facing down, as a mark of respect. She did her duties faithfully even on days when it rained heavily. When some people felt sorry for her that she struggled hard every day to cross the river to supply milk, she explained that it was an honour for her do service to a great Pundit.
Prostrating is a mark of respect!
Meanings of difficult words:
punditan expert in a particular subject, a learned person
celebratedgreatly admired
landlorda person who rents out his land, house or accommodation
prostratedfalling flat on the ground as a mark of respect
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