Shree lives in an apartment in a small town called Katpadi Junction. Amma works in a jewellery shop. Appa works as a taxi driver. They want her to learn computers. So they are pleased that she likes to use it.

     The computer is Shree’s friend. She always finds time for it. She uses it to find information for school projects and send e-mails.
     Shree’s aunt also stays with them. Everyone calls her Akka. Most of the time, she naps in front of the TV that shows her favourite old films. She gives Shree hot dosas stuffed with spicy noodles.
     After tiffin, Shree likes to play. Not the traditional games that Akka likes to play, with stones and shells. Shree likes to play games on the computer.
The story, "The Mystery of the Cyber Friend", is woven around a schoolgirl. The plot of the lesson brings out the warning to use the Internet safely without inviting troubles to ourselves. The character 'Shree' is the protagonist of the story.
Shree lives with her parents in an apartment in Katpadi, Vellore.  Her parents were working: her mother in a  jewellery shop, and her father was a taxi driver. Shree was their only child, and they loved her. Her parents wished her to learn to work on a computer because they had both worked in blue-collar positions. As a result, Shree learned how to use a computer.
Shree personally liked to work on a computer. Shree's parents were happy to see their daughter using a computer to learn. Shree spent much of her time studying and using the computer because both of her parents worked.
Shree chatting at home.jpg
Shree with her computer
Days passed by. Shree got used to handling the computer in a better way. She spent time working on her computer regularly. Using her computer, she started collecting information for all her school projects; and she used it to send emails too. So, it has become a routine of Shree's life to spend time on the computer every day.

Shree's aunt stays along with her family. Everyone in Shree's house used to call her Akka. Shree's aunt spends most of her time in front of the television. She was fond of watching old movies. She was much addicted to the television that she sometimes sleeps while watching it.
Since both her mother and father were working, Shree was taken care of by her aunt. She always prepares hot dosas stuffed with spicy noodles for Shree every evening while returning home from school. Shree would enjoy her delicious food offered by her aunt during the evenings.
Shree's aunt making food for her.jpg
Shree's aunt preparing food for her (For illustration purpose only)
Shree would spend some time playing games after eating her evening tiffin. Shree, a modern-day teenager, considers the game her aunt plays with stones and shells to be an old-fashioned one. Shree play games on her computer.
Meaning of difficult words:
To fill something in something 
Having a pleasant taste or smell
Fond Liking something
To sleep for a short time
AddictDoing something regularly as a habit
Blue-collar jobs Jobs involving manual labour
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