The computer doesn’t just have games. It also has Friends Net.
     Shree joined it two months ago, on her thirteenth birthday. After snacks and tea, she chats with her school friends through Friends Net. They tell each other what they did since they met last, on the school bus.
     Shree says that she got extra sugar with her tea. One friend says, “That you get every day.”
     Shree says, “And I also got mutton flavoured noodles with my dosa.”
     Another friend teases, “Do you do anything other than eating?”
     Shree gets angry. She decides to unfriend them. Afterwards, she misses them.
Shree loves playing computer games. Shree uses her computer to collect information for her studies and to play games. During her free time, Shree uses her computer to chat with her school mates. She would return home, eat her tasty evening tiffin and tea cooked by her aunt, and began chatting with her school friends through the net.
Shree chatting with her friends.jpg
Shree chatting with her friends
Shree and her friends would discuss among themselves their routine activities every day. Shree became a member of this 'Friends net' two months ago, on her thirteenth birthday.

One day, as usual, Shree texted her friends that she had tea with more sugar that evening, to which one of her friends responded that she says the same thing every day. Shree also mentioned about her delicious aunt-prepared dosa, saying, "And I also got mutton flavoured noodles with my dosa." Another friend of Shree started teasing her again, texting that Shree never discusses anything other than eating.
Shree's favourite food.jpg
Shree's favourite food

Her friends' remarks on Shree angered her. Shree decides to break their relationship because they teased her.
Shree in a dpressed state.jpg
Shree's friends bullying her on net
There is a feature on the internet that allows you to accept friend requests or 'unfriend' them if you wish to block them. In an angry outburst, Shree blocked their contact to avoid their relationship, but she later regretted it because she missed them.
Shree blocked her friends on net.jpg
Shree blocked her friends' contact
Meaning of difficult words:
A particular type of taste
Free time
To send an email or text message
BlockTo stop
Regret To feel sorry about something
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