But before she can tell them she’s sorry, she gets a new friend request.
     It is from a girl called Chaitra. She is very pretty, like a film star.
     Shree clicks ACCEPT. One click, and they become friends.
     Chaitra types, “Do you have many friends?” “No! And I lost a few friends today.” She adds a sad-face emoticon.
     “So what? It really doesn’t matter how many friends you have—it is the nature of our friendship that matters. And you have me now!”
     Shree likes the sound of that.
Shree decided to accept her friends again and apologise for blocking their contact because she felt unhappy for ignoring them. When she was about to apologise, she got a friend request from someone unfamiliar.
The new friend's identity reflected a girl's name Chaitra. The profile photo looked like a movie star. Shree was impressed by the attractive profile photo, and the girl in the picture was that of Shree's age. These reasons made Shree to accept the friend's request. With a single click, Shree and the so-called Chaitra had become friends.

Shree's new friend began texting her right away. She started by asking Shree if she had many friends, to which Shree answered that she had lost a few of them that day. She also used a sad-faced emoticon to convey her depressed state.
Chaitra responded to Shree again. She stressed more on having valuable friends than having more friends. Chaitra also made her feel at ease by focusing on her relationship with Chaitra. She concentrated on strengthening their relationship further. Shree liked the way Chaitra texted her and enjoyed the messages. Chaitra's texts and commitment to friendship impressed her.
Meaning of difficult words:
To make somebody feel uncomfortable, ashamed, shy etc..
To pay no attention to something
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