Akka comes into the room just then to clean it.
     “What are you doing, Shree?”
     “I have a new friend, Akka!” Akka looks over Shree's shoulder at Chaitra’s profile picture.
     “But that’s the film actress Madhoo. Is she your friend?”
     “Yes, but her name is Chaitra.”
     Akka laughs and shakes her head. “That’s Madhoo, I’ve seen all her films. She must be so old now.” “She’s the same age as me!” insists Shree.
Shree had just finished up a chat with Chaitra. Her aunt had awakened from her sleep by this time and entered Shree's room to clean it. She was shocked to see Shree working on the computer and inquired about what she was doing there despite having the hectic homework to be completed that she had previously told her about.

Shree replied that she had a chat with her friend and told her aunt about Chaitra. She showed her Chaitra's profile photo, introducing her as Shree's new friend.
Shree introducing Chaitra to her aunt.jpg
Shree introducing Chaitra to her aunt (For illustration purpose only)
Shree's aunt was surprised when she saw Shree's profile photo. The reason was that it was a photograph of a movie star named "Madhoo." Shree's aunt enquired about Chaitra again, wanting to make sure it was her friend because she thought it was a photo of an actress. Shree refused to consider the facts told by her aunt. She disagreed with her aunt, adamant that it was Chaitra.
Shree's aunt told Shree that Madhoo was of the same age as Shree's aunt and that this was not the latest age photo of Chaitra, as Shree says. Shree's aunt was so confident about the profile picture to be of actress Madhoo's.
Meaning of difficult words:
Look over To examine something quickly
InsistTo keep saying very firmly that something is true
Hectic Very busy with full of activity
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