“Great. Now can you send me a selfie?  And give me your number so I can call you,” types Chaitra.
     “I don’t have a camera phone,” types Shree and feels sad.
     Chaitra offers to give Shree her old camera phone.
     “Let us meet on Sunday. Then I will take your snap. And give you my old phone.”
     Shree has always wished for a phone with a camera. She types, “Where shall we meet?”
     Chaitra types, “Come to the railway station.” Shree asks, “What time?
     Chaitra decides, “When the Bengaluru train reaches there.”
During Chaitra and Shree's chat, Chaitra suddenly requested a selfie photo of Shree. She also asked for Shree's phone number to call and chat with her, to which Shree responded very sadly that she does not have a camera phone and therefore cannot send her selfie. Chaitra had not stopped there. She told Shree that Chaitra had an old phone and could give it to her.

Shree had long wished for a mobile phone with a camera. As a result, Chaitra's proposal had an immediate impact on Shree's reaction. "Where shall we meet?" she inquired immediately.
Shree, a thirteen-year-old teenager, had no idea what would happen if she met an unknown person. Still, she believed Chaitra. When Chaitra asked Shree to meet her at the railway station alone, Shree replied without thinking about her safety. When Shree asked when they should meet, Chaitra said they could meet when the Bengaluru train arrives at the station.
The story does not explain why Chaitra asked Shree to come alone or why she requested to meet her at the railway station after the arrival of the Bengaluru train. If Chaitra's school were closer to Shree's, she would have been able to meet her there. All was still shrouded in mystery.
Meaning of difficult words:
An effect or an influence
To reach a place
ShroudTo cover or hide something
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