They nab him from his office in Bengaluru and find that he has been trying to befriend many young girls and boys on social media. Shree decides to only have friends from her own school.
     She can’t wait to tell her friends about her scary adventure with her cyber ‘friend’.
The Cybercrime team tracked him (Cybercriminal) down and found him in his Bengaluru office. He was then taken into custody. The real fact was that the offender had internet friendship with many young boys and girls, which was shocking. Shree knew that she was too young to have internet friends because she was not matured enough to use the internet safely.

Shree had gotten herself out of a dangerous situation. Shree vowed herself that she would never repeat the same mistake. She wanted to avoid talking with strangers on the internet, so she decided to have friends from her school.

She was more confused and disturbed by the incident as a teenager. She also wanted to share her thrilling experiences of the incident with her friends, although it was not pleasant. Chaitra was a name Shree will never forget.
Finally, Shree understood the dangers of trusting a stranger on the internet and realised how important it is to safely use the internet to prevent problems for ourselves, as it has both advantages and disadvantages.
Meaning of difficult words:
Befriend To become a friend of someone
Adventure An unusual, dangerous, exciting experience
Restrict To stop or control something
VowTo make a serious promise
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-3 English Standard-8. The Mystery of the Cyber Friend(pp. 134-139). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.