“You are a brave pair!” says a policewoman. “Thank you for informing us about this imposter. Shree, you were clever to confide in a trusted adult! Will you put up this poster about cyber security in your school, please? We would also like to conduct a cyber safety class in your school.”

     She says an expert from the Cyber Crime Cell will need to take a look at Shree’s computer.
     The next day, a cyber crime officer goes through Shree’s computer. Within hours, the police find the man who pretended to be Chaitra.
Shree and her aunt had boldly complained about the cybercrime fraud, which pleased the policewoman. "You are a brave pair!" she complimented them. She thanked them for bringing the issue to the attention of the cops. These days, only a few people come forward to share their bitter experiences of cybercrime.

Only when people bring out their issues, cops can take action against the offenders. The officer thanked Shree for being open and honest and informing her aunt about her friend. If Shree had not shared Chaitra's information and gone to the railway station alone, things would have turned out worse.

The officer then asked Shree to put up a poster about cyber safety that she had given her.
Cybersafety is important.jpg
Cybersafe is important
Cybersecurity is all about using the internet safely, securely preserving information, and acting responsibly.
The policewoman also insisted on conducting a Cybersafety class at Shree's school, which would teach people like Shree how to stay safe online and avoid being harmed by criminals.
Policewoman helping Shree.jpg
A Policewoman helps Shree

The policewoman also informed them that a Cyber Crime Cell professional would examine Shree's computer and assist them in determining Chaitra's true identity. As the police officer said, a cybercrime officer went to Shree's house the next day. The officer examined Shree's computer and found all of the information about the Cybercriminal who pretended to be Chaitra.
Cybercrime officer helping Shree's family.jpg
The Cybercrime officer
Meaning of difficult words:
A person who pretends to be somebody else to trick people
To tell someone secrets and personal information
To behave in a particular way to make people believe something is true when it is not
Nab To catch and arrest someone who is doing a wrong thing
AssistTo help someone
OffenderA person who commits a crime
ExamineTo look at something/somebody carefully in order to find out something
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