Akka hits him with her handbag.
     Then she yells, “Don’t you dare come near my niece!”
     “Owww!” he cries.
     Just then the train moves. He runs towards a bogey door. The station manager rushes forward to catch the man. But he disappears into the crowded train.
     They all go to the police station.
Shree was relieved from severe mental stress when Shree's aunt and the Station Manager arrived, but the fraud-who-is-not-Chaitra was shocked and scared. He had no idea how to handle or get out of the situation.

He realised that he had been trapped. Shree's aunt was shouting angrily at this point. She was angry that the stranger had attempted to deceive her niece and started to beat him. The Cybercriminal couldn't bear the pain anymore when she had hit him strongly. He then shouted and cried with pain.

A train began to move during that moment, and the Cybercriminal took advantage of the opportunity to flee from the dangerous situation. He hurried toward the moving train and entered through the bogey door.

The Station Manager didn't leave him. He ran behind him in an attempt to catch the person, but he was unsuccessful. Since the train was overcrowded, the fraud-who-is-not-Chaitra took advantage of it to hide from Shree's aunt and the Station Manager.
The crowded train.jpg
The crowded train
Then, Shree, along with her aunt and the Station Manager, decided to inform the police and thus went to the police station.
Meaning of difficult words:
To keep someone in a dangerous situation so that he/she cannot escape
To shout loudly when you angry, feared or in pain
The daughter of your brother or sister/the daughter of your wife (or) husband's brother or sister 
RushTo move with a great speed
Disappear To become impossible to see
DeceiveTo make someone believe something that is not true
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