“It is so nice to see you!” he says.
     “Who...who are you—you are not Cha…Chaitra!” stutters Shree.
     “No. But I am an uncle and would like to be your friend, Shree. I like to make friends with young girls,” says the uncle-who-is-not-Chaitra.

     “Eeeeeeee!” shrieks Shree. Akka is beside her in a second, along with the station manager.

     The uncle-who-is-not-Chaitra is surprised. He didn’t expect that Shree would bring two grown-ups with her.
The strange person continued to talk. "It's nice to see you!" he told her. Shree was at a loss for words during the situation. Her voice began to stammer. She spoke to him with difficulty, claiming that he was not Chaitra.
The man agreed to Shree's claim and told her that he wished to be Shree's friend. Shree had finally realised the fact. For the past two days, the same person had been chatting with Shree with the name Chaitra using the profile picture of a Bollywood actress. He gradually revealed his identity, claiming he wished to befriend young girls like Shree.
Shree couldn't tolerate his approach toward her any more. She started to shout. "Eeeeeeee!" screeched Shree. Shree's aunt emerged behind him in a matter of seconds. As she said, she had brought the Station Manager along with her.
The Cybercriminal recognised his dangerous condition. He hadn't expected those two adults to be by her side.
Meaning of difficult words:
StutterTo speak with difficulty and repeating words
ShriekA high pitched voice
Tolerate To allow something that you do not like
BefriendTo become the friend of someone
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