The train from Bengaluru is coming in. Shree looks all around. She can’t remember whether Chaitra had asked her to wait inside the station or outside.
     Where did Akka go?
     She can’t see her anywhere.
     Many passengers come out of the train. None look like Chaitra.
      A man who's her father's age walks towards Shree.
     He is smiling. "Hello Shree!" Shree is shocked. She doesn’t know him.
The train was about to reach the station. Still, Shree's aunt didn't return. Shree was alone when the Bengaluru train arrived at the station, and she had no idea what to do. She took a look around. Her eyes began to search for both Chaitra and her aunt. She was unable to notice either Chaitra or her aunt among them.
Shree awaiting Chaitra's arrival.jpg
Shree awaiting Chaitra's arrival
During that time, Shree couldn't recall the message of Chaitra as to whether she was asked to wait inside or outside the railway station. Shree was scared and looking about for her aunt to come and rescue her. Unfortunately, her aunt was nowhere to be found. She kept staring at passengers leaving the Bengaluru express train.
Shree's fear grew when she saw that none of them resembled Chaitra. Suddenly, a man of Shree's father's age approached her. Shree was taken aback, looking at a stranger approaching her. He smiled at Shree and said 'hello'; Shree had never seen him before in her life. She was shocked as he addressed her by name. Everything was clear for Shree that Chaitra was not a small girl, and this person had used the picture of Madhoo as Shree's aunt said and had been cheating Shree.
Cybercriminal's approach.jpg
The Cybercriminal's approach toward Shree (For illustration purpose only)
Meaning of difficult words:
StareTo look at something steadily for a long time
ApproachTo move towards
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