Shree is very confused and cannot focus on her homework.
     “Akka?” she asks.
     “Yes, my dear,” says Akka, “what is worrying you?”
     Shree decides to be honest and tells her all about her new friend who is lying.
     “Akka, what should I do?
     The next day, Shree and Akka reach Katpadi Junction much before the arrival of the Bengaluru Express. They have a secret plan to find out if the new friend is honest or not.
     Akka says, “I will go and talk to the station manager so he can help us.”
Thoughts on and about Chaitra pervaded Shree's mind. As a thirteen-year-old kid, she was confused to distinguish between a lie and a truth. Since Shree was disturbed, she was not able to focus on completing her school homework.
Shree suspecting Chaitra.jpg
Shree suspects Chaitra

As a small girl, she was confused to arrive at a final decision regarding Chaitra. Then Shree decided upon something. She immediately called upon her aunt. By this time, Shree's aunt had sensed something wrong with Shree. She immediately responded to her call and asked her about the issue that's bothering her.
Shree and her responsible aunt .jpg
Aunt's care for her niece (For illustration purpose only)

She didn't delay further. She wanted to be honest with her aunt, who takes care of her like her own kid. After all, it is her aunt who spends time with her rather than her parents. It's her aunt who prepares her favourite food.
Moreover, the advice of an elderly person would always be helpful for anyone, especially for a teenager like Shree. Being an honest girl, Shree told her aunt everything about her new friend Chaitra. She also requested advice from her aunt on how she can handle the situation better.
Shree's aunt helping her neice.jpg
Shree's aunt helping her niece (For illustration purpose only)

It was a good thing that Shree had shared everything about Chaitra with her aunt. Because of that, her aunt accompanied Shree the next day, hoping to find out the real face of Chaitra and safeguard her niece. They reached the Katpadi junction before the Bengaluru express arrived.
Katpadi railway station.jpg
Katpadi railway station
Shree and her aunt decided to find out the real identity of Chaitra. Before the train could arrive, Shree's aunt decided to meet and inform about Chaitra to Station Manager so that he could help them; so, she went to meet him, leaving Shree alone.
Meaning of difficult words:
To spread through the whole of something
To go together with somebody or something
A place where roads, railway lines, etc meet
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