“Wow. Wear them when we meet tomorrow!” “Okay, but only if you come alone,” says Chaitra.
     “Why?” types Shree.
     “Because I am coming alone too! To our secret meeting!”
     Shree is typing ‘Okay’ when she remembers something. “Hey Chaitra, I haven’t seen any other school near our school.” But Chaitra has gone offline.
     Is there something strange about her new friend? Has she been lying?
Shree was impressed with Chaitra's earring work and asked her to wear the earring the next day when they meet. Chaitra immediately agreed and asked her to come alone to their meeting. When Shree asked why, she gave a lame explanation that Chaitra would also go alone, so she prefers Shree to come alone to their meeting at the railway station.
She also mentioned that their meeting was a secret one. Shree didn't even think about anything and agreed to go alone. When they were about to finish their chat, Shree recalled something about Chaitra's incorrect information that her school was closer to Shree's.

Shree mentioned that she had not seen any schools near her school, but Chaitra was no longer available online. Shree had a strong suspicion that there was something fishy going on. Shree began to doubt Chaitra at the stage when she went offline. Shree then began to relate events one by one.
Shree worrying about Chaitra's identity.jpg
Shree is worried about Chaitra's identity

Initially, Chaitra said that her school was close to Shree's, which was not a true fact. Shree's aunt told her the next day that Chaitra's profile picture was that of actress Madhoo's. Above everything, Chaitra instructed Shree to go to the railway station by herself.
These strange things began to bother Shree, and it was working on her mind somewhere. She began to wonder if Chaitra was telling the truth or not.
Meaning of difficult words:
Something unusual or unexpected
Telling untruthful things
To remember something
SuspicionA feeling or belief that something is wrong
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