The king was very glad to have made peace with his enemy so easily, and to have gained him for a friend, and he not only forgave him, but said he would send his servants and his own physician to attend him, and promised to restore his property.
     Having taken leave of the wounded man, the king went out into the porch and looked around for the hermit. Before going away he wished once more to beg an answer to the questions he had put. The hermit was outside, on his knees, sowing seeds in the beds that had been dug the day before.
     The king approached him and said, “For the last time, I pray you to answer my questions, wise man.”
     “You have already been answered!” said the hermit, still crouching on his thin legs, and looking up at the king, who stood before him.
     “How answered? What do you mean?” asked the king.
The king was delighted that his deed has re-established friendly relations easily. He had made his enemy his friend, who had promised to be faithful to him. He forgave the bearded man, promised to return the property that he had taken from him, and also sent his servants and doctors to take care of him.
The king went out of the hut and searched for the hermit. The hermit was sowing seeds in the small patches that they had dug the day before. Before leaving the woods, he asked again about the answers to his questions. He pleaded the hermit to give him the answers.
sow seeds.jpg
The hermit was sowing seeds, in the beds dug the previous day!
The hermit said his answers had already been answered! He did not even look up to the king, as he was still bending down to sow the seeds.
The king asked the explanation as to how he had been answered and what he meant.
Meanings of difficult words:
restorereturn (someone or something) to a former condition
porcha covered shelter at the entrance of a building
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