“Forgive me!” said the bearded man in a weak voice, when he saw that the king was awake and was looking at him.
     “I do not know you, and have nothing to forgive you for,” said the king.
     “You do not know me, but I know you. I am that enemy of yours who swore to revenge himself on you, because you executed his brother and seized his property. I knew you had gone alone to see the hermit, and I resolved to kill you on your way back. But the day passed and you did not return. So I came out from my ambush to find you, and came upon your bodyguard, and they recognized me, and wounded me. I escaped from them, but should have bled to death had you not dressed my wound. I wished to kill you, and you have saved my life. Now, if I live, and if you wish it, I will serve you as your most faithful slave, and will bid my sons do the same. Forgive me!”
The bearded man asked the king to forgive him, in a weak voice - as soon as the king awoke.
The king said that he doesn't know him and he has nothing to forgive him for.
The bearded man asked for forgiveness!
The bearded man started explaining how he knew the king. He said the king might not know him, but he knew the king. He also confessed that he was an enemy of the king, who had come to kill him. He explained that the king had killed his brother and took his property. He revealed his plan to kill the king because he came to know that he had gone alone to meet the hermit. He also said that he waited in a hiding place, to attack when the king returned, but since he did not return, he came out. That was when the bodyguard recognized him and wounded him. He continued, it was finally the king himself who dressed his wound and saved his life. The bearded man felt bad that he had come to kill the king, but the king had saved his life. So he wished and asked the king to let him be his faithful servant and promised that he would order his sons to do the same.
Meanings of difficult words:
swore revengeto hurt someone in return for being hurt by that person
ambusha surprise attack by people waiting in a hidden position
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