Section - II 
     The king turned round and saw a bearded man come running out of the wood. The man held his hands pressed against his stomach, and blood was flowing from under them. When he reached the king, he fell fainting on the ground, moaning feebly. The king and the hermit unfastened the man’s clothing. There was a large wound in his stomach. The king washed it as best he could, and bandaged it with his handkerchief and with a towel the hermit had. But the blood would not stop flowing, and the king again and again removed the bandage soaked with warm blood, and washed and re-bandaged the wound. When at last the blood ceased flowing, the man revived and asked for something to drink. The king brought fresh water and gave it to him. Meanwhile the sun had set, and it had become cool. So the king, with the hermit’s help, carried the wounded man into the hut and laid him on the bed. Lying on the bed, the man closed his eyes and was quiet; but the king was so tired from his walk and from the work he had done that he crouched down on the threshold, and also fell asleep – so soundly that he slept all through the short summer night.
     When he awoke in the morning, it was long before he could remember where he was, or who was the strange bearded man lying on the bed and gazing intently at him with shining eyes.
The king turned around to see who the hermit had mentioned. A bearded man was running towards them with his hands on his stomach, from where he was bleeding. When he reached their spot, he lost consciousness and fell. He was giving mild sounds of pain. The king and the hermit removed his clothing and found a big wound on his stomach. The king washed the wound and covered it with his handkerchief to stop the bleeding. But it was bleeding heavily, and the cloth was soaked with his blood. He got a towel from the hermit and bandaged it again. The king did not give up, and he kept re-dressing the wound till the blood stopped.
The king washed and dressed the bleeding stomach!
The man gained consciousness and asked for something to drink. The king gave him some water. By then, it was getting dark and colder. The king and the hermit carried the man to the hermit's hut and laid him on the bed. The man stayed still and quiet. The king also lied down on the floor due to exhaustion of the day's work. All of them slept through the night. When he woke the next day morning, he took some time to remember what has happened the previous night, where he was, or who the bearded stranger was. But the bearded stranger was looking steadily at the king with bright eyes.
The king, the hermit and the bearded man slept in the humble hut!
Meanings of difficult words:
faintedlost consciousness
moaningmake a long, low sound expressing physical pain
gazinglook steadily and intently
thresholda strip of wood or stone forming the bottom of a doorway
crouchedsquat or duck down
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2019). Term-2 English Standard-8. The Three Questions - Leo Tolstoy (retold) (pp. 102-112). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.