When he had dug two beds, the king stopped and repeated his questions. The hermit again gave no answer, but rose, stretched out his hand for the spade, and said:

     “Now rest awhile – and let me work a bit.”
     But the king did not give him the spade, and continued to dig. One hour passed, and another. The sun began to sink behind the trees, and the king at last stuck the spade into the ground, and said:
     “I came to you, wise man, for an answer to my questions. If you can give me none, tell me so, and I will return home.”
     “Here comes someone running,” said the hermit. “Let us see who it is.”
The king was digging the ground while the hermit was resting. After he had dug two small patches of ground, (where plants are grown), he stopped and tried to get the answer from the hermit for his questions. Again the hermit heard but did not answer him. Instead, he stood up and put his hand out, asking for the spade; he told the king to rest now and that he could continue the work.
But the king did not agree. He continued his digging work.
Two hours passed, and it was time for sunset. The sun went down and disappeared behind the trees. The tired king stuck the spade into the ground and told the hermit he had come to him for answers. He said if he could not give the answers, he can inform him the same, and that he will return home.
Even when the hermit did not reply to his questions, the king remained polite. Again, the hermit did not answer him. Instead, he said someone was running towards them.
Here comes someone running!
Meanings of difficult words:
bedssmall patches of ground, where plants are grown
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