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The poem 'The Stick-together Families' by Edgar Albert Guest emphasises the importance of families in every individual's life. People change their preferences, and their needs are shaped accordingly as they grow up. They get influenced by society and crave independence. Their families or old parents can embarrass them as they might get a new friends circle. Human beings have the tendency to impress or show off to others that they lead a perfect life. Sometimes showing more emotions towards one's family can be seen as a sign of weakness by society, especially in an adolescent friends group. So they slowly start moving away and looking for warmth from strangers to appear cool. They also think that drifting apart can mean independence and success. But at the end of the day, it is the family that would hold each other's backs. If one has someone to go back to and share the day's experiences after a busy day, then he has achieved peace and happiness in life.