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The poem 'The Stick-together Families' by Edgar Albert Guest speaks on the importance of people staying close with their family members. He says that siblings who do not have any rivalry are more prone to help each other grow. The happiest of the people are not the ones who travel and separate from the family, but the ones who have people to come back to, to receive the warmth of a fireside. This power and bond cannot be broken by anyone except for death. After a busy day, gathering together as a family is what pure bliss is. No matter what social class people belong to, or whether they think of themselves as wise, people moving away from family is a terrible mistake. They might wander in search of strangers to talk to but will only harvest bitterness in the end. Some people believe that happiness can be achieved only when they roam, but it is always the stick-together families that bring out the joys of the world. Contentment and peace can be attained only by staying close to one's family.