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Informal letter is a letter written to a friend or family member. It is used for non-official or personal purposes only. The language is informal and does not have many restrictions on the expressions used. However, there is a format in which informal letters are to be written.
Format of an informal letter:
Sender's address:
10, Prince Avenue
Chennai - 600XXX
08th April 2024
Dear Raj
Body of the letter:
Yours lovingly
Your name
Explanation of the format:
The first thing to write is your address, i.e., writer's address and the sender’s address. We have to write the address on the left-hand side of the page at the very top. The address should be accurate and complete with the state and country mentioned. Even when writing to close friends or relatives, the address must be written so that they can reply to the letter easily.
1. 25B, Model town,
New Delhi-110000,
2. 45 A block, Piya Apartments,
Next, just below the address, we write the date. This allows the reader to have a reference as to when the informal letter was written. He can then relate better to the contents of the letter.
1. 25 Feb 2020
2. 30.10.2020
3. 14/11/2020
Now that you know the person you are writing to, the greeting can be informal as well. If it is a friend or someone close to your age, you can greet them by their first name. If you are writing to your relative like your mother/father/aunt/uncle etc., you may greet them like "mom". And if you are writing to an elder person, someone you respect, you can address them as Mr or Mrs.
1. Hi, Roli
2. Dear Mom
3. Mrs Soni
Introductory Paragraph
Now we begin writing the actual letter. The introductory paragraph sets the topic for the whole letter. You might begin by asking the recipient about their well-being. Or you may say that you hope the letter finds them in good health. The opening of informal letters should be casual and comforting.
1. It has been a while since I heard from you. How have you been? I hope this letter finds you in the best of health and cheerful spirits.
Body of the Letter
The letter overall should maintain a friendly/good tone. But you have to adjust the language and the wording according to who you are writing to. With a friend, you can afford to be casual. But if you are writing to an elder relative, you must be respectful and considerate. One way to determine the tonality of your letter is to remember how you talk to the person in a conversation. And then apply the same syntax and sentiments to the letter.
1. I recently came to know about your final year result. Your dad told me that you had gained the first rank in the entire school. You have once again made us all proud, dear. This is a moment of elation and celebration. I congratulate you on your success. Your hard work has finally paid off.
2. The way you toiled day and night, I was already confident that you would come out with flying colours. Your success is an inspiration for your younger brother. He also wants to congratulate you in person. We are planning to visit your hostel. Please inform us about your schedule. And keep touching new heights of success. Our best wishes and blessings are always with you.
In the conclusive paragraph, sum up the reason for writing the letter, i.e., summarize the letter. Say a meaningful and affectionate goodbye to the reader. And remember to invite the reader to write back or reply to your letter.
Hope to meet you soon.
To sign off informal letters, you can use words.
1. Lots of Love,
2. Best,
3. Best Wishes,
4. Kind Regards,
5. Kindly,
Pick the one that suits and then sign your name below.