Amy: Only some of your calmness! We will be all right, thanks.

Mr. Peters: Don’t thank me, thank the Red Cross. (He goes over to Sara and helps lift her into a blanket rolled to form a stretcher. Miss Marsh picks up her bag. Jim and Mr.Peters lift and carry Sara toward the right.) We can swing her down into the boat very easily. It won’t hurt a mite, Sara. Get your things, Rose and Betty, you are going with us. (Rose and Betty grab their coats. Betty takes her dress box.)
Sara: (drowsily) Miss Marsh gave me something to stop the hurt. It has almost gone!

Amy: (at the door, dropping a kiss on Sara’s forehead as they carry her out) That’s fine dear! Have a nice boat ride! (She waves as the stretcher goes out, followed by Rose and Betty.) Try to get word to Mother that we are all right, Betty, and to Jim’s family, too!

Betty : I’ll try. I hope you’ll be rescued soon. Bye.

Rose: Good-bye Amy, good luck!

Amy: Good-bye. (There is more thumping, only less loud than before, and voices giving directions. Amy fusses with the lantern, trying to get it lighted.)

Mr. Peters: [off stage] You will be all right, Jim?

Jim: (still offstage) Yes don’t worry about us. Goodbye. (Voices in distance, the sound of oars. Jim enters right, wiping his forehead. Amy gets the lantern lighted and blows out candles.) Water’s dropping! (He pours two cups of coffee from Mr. Peters' jar. Hands one to Amy. Raises his cup as though in a toast.) Here’s to the coffee, lantern and rescue! I’m glad we have a wide–awake, well-equipped Disaster Committee in this town!
Amy: And a Red Cross nurse for emergencies! Thank God for the rescue! [Both lift the coffee cups and drink, still standing.]
Amy liked Mr. Peters calm even in that situation. She said that she needed the calmness which Mr. Peters had and thanked him. Mr. Peters said that they had to express gratitude to the Red Cross, not him. He lifts Sara with the help of a blanket, which forms a stretcher for her. Miss Marsh takes her bag. Jim helps Mr. Peters carry Sara towards the boat without hurting her. Mr. Peters called Betty and Rose along. Rose takes her coat, but Betty even takes her dress box along with her overcoat. In drowsiness, Sara said that her leg stopped hurting Miss. Marsh gave her something.
Amy kissed Sara on the forehead and assured Sara that everything would be alright. Amy wished her to have a pleasant boat ride. She waves to Betty and Rose to say good-bye. Amy wanted Betty to tell her mother and Jim's family that they were alright. Betty said bye to Amy and hoped that they would find help soon as well. Rose said Good-bye and Good-luck to Amy. Amy responded, and the boat left. The boat made a loud noise, and then it was gone as they could hear the voices giving directions. Amy tried to light the lantern. Mr. Peter assures Jim that they will be fine.
Jim told him not to worry about them. The voices became distant, and the boat went out of sight. Amy lighted the lantern and blew out the candles; water was still dropping. Jim poured out the coffee for himself and Amy. He handed it over to Amy and raised the coffee like a toast. Jim said here's to the coffee, lantern, and the rescue mission. He said that he was glad that they were awake, and they had a well managed Disaster Committee. Amy added and said they had even the Red- Cross nurse for any medical emergency. Amy thanked God for everything. Both of them lift the coffee as if in a toast and drink standing.
Meanings of difficult words:
Swing Sway.
Fusses Bustles.
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