Sara: It’s my leg that hurts!

Miss Marsh: Yes, you have hurt it badly, Sara, but we can fix it up and we will all get into the boat and take you home. You are going to be alright. (She motions to Mr. Peters, Jim and Amy to move to one side of the stage. Rose stays with Sara.) She has broken her right leg just below the knee. We can splint it up with pillows and umbrella and lift her safely into the boat. I think we ought to take her to the emergency Red Cross hospital in the Armoury.
Mr. Peters: We can take Rose and Betty along too, but Jim, you and Amy will have to stay until we can get back for you or send some other boat. [Miss Marsh returns to surround Sara’s right leg with pillows, using an umbrella and cane along the outside to keep the leg stiff.]

Jim: That’s all right, we will be perfectly safe up on the roof.

Mr. Peters: We can leave you an extra lantern and a jar of coffee, need anything else?
Sara told everyone that it was her leg that is hurting. Miss. Marsh inspected Sara and told her that she had hurt her leg badly, but she would be fine soon and then to get into the boat to go home. Miss. Marsh asked Mr. Peters, Jim, and Amy to come aside as she wanted to tell that Sara has broken her right leg below the knee. She said that they could support the leg with the pillows and umbrella. So, they could get her into the boat. Sara needed to be taken into the emergency Red Cross hospital in the Armoury.
Mr. Peters suggested that they could take Rose and Betty along with Sara. Jim and Amy needed to stay there until they send another boat, or they could get back. Miss. Marsh arranges to splint Sara's right leg with pillow, cane and umbrella so that it is stiff. Jim says that he and Amy can stay back and wait for them while they take care of Sara and others. They said that they would hold back on the roof. Mr. Peter suggests that he can leave another lantern and a jar of coffee for them. He asks if they need anything else.
Meanings of difficult words:
Splint Secure a broken limb.
Motions Gestures.
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