Sara: Oh, where am I?

Rose: Come on! (She helps Sara to her feet and quickly wraps a blanket around her) To the attic! (Exits left leading Sara, and taking one of the candles with her.)

Amy: Ought to get father’s most valuable books and mother’s jewel case and –

Jim: Amy, we will need water and food more than books and jewels. You don’t seem to realize–(He is interrupted by a cry from outside, right)

Mr. Peters: Hello there! Hello in the house! Mr. Marshall! Mr. Marshall!

Amy: They have come for us! Here we are! (She runs to the window.)

Jim: (picking up the third candle from the table, running to the window and waving it back and forth): Here we are! In here!

Betty: (entering on the run from the left, carrying her dress box) Are we rescued? Who is there?

Mr. Peter: (still outside): Mr. Marshal, are you all right? This is Tom Peters and Miss Marsh, the red cross nurse. We’re here in a boat.
Betty: We’re rescued, we’re rescued! Come, Sara!

Mr. Peters: Why, are you children all alone?

Amy: Yes, we — (There is a terrific crash, followed by a wail of pain and a scream.)

Rose: (Offstage left) Oh, Sara! She’s fallen off the step ladder! Come quick, somebody! I’ve dropped my candle and it’s gone out! (Mr. Peters, Miss Marsh, who is carrying a small black bag, and Amy rush off stage, left.)

Betty: Oh, I hope she hasn’t broken her neck!

Jim: Get the first-aid box. It’s in that pile of coats. I’ll fix a place for her to lie down. (He arranges chairs so Sara can lie down.)

Mr. Peters: (enters left carrying Sara) Steady now, you are all right. More frightened than hurt, I think. (He places Sara on the chairs.)

Amy: (Placing the lantern near Sara): I’m glad Miss Marsh is here! (Miss Marsh is examining Sara. Sara is sobbing softly, saying every so often ‘It hurts.’ Rose kneels beside Sara’s chair; holding her hand, Jim stands in the background with Betty.)
Sara wakes up and recalls where she is. Rose helps Sara out to the attic. She wraps the blanket around Sara and takes Sara with her with a single candle. Amy told Jim that she wants to save her Dad's most valuable books and her Mom's jewel case, and she was thinking about what else to take when Jim interferes. He says that more than those books and jewels they need food and water. He said to Amy that she does not understand that things are beyond, and suddenly they heard a loud cry. Mr. Peters enters and asks for Mr. Marshall. Amy realized that Mr. Peters had come to help them, and she runs to the window to see. Jim joins her with the third candle and waves to Mr. Peters. He calls them screaming that they are inside. Betty heard them, and she carried her box of dress and asked if they were being rescued and who had come to save them.
Mr. Peter still was waiting outside on a boat and said that he and Miss Marsh have come to help them.
Betty was happy as they were being rescued and called out for Sara. Mr. Peters was amazed at why the children were all alone. Amy was trying to explain why they were on their own, and suddenly they heard a terrible crash, and someone screamed. Rose said that Sara has fallen from the steps, and she needs someone to come quickly and help her. She dropped the candle, and it was off. Mr. Peters, Amy, and Miss Marsh rush to help them. Betty was being sarcastic and said that Sara did not break her neck.
Jim asked for the first-aid box, which was under the pile of coats. He arranges the chair for Sara to lie down. Mr. Peters carried Sara out and said that she is feeling better now and was more scared than hurt. He placed Sara on the bed of chairs which Jim had made. Amy brought the lantern near Sara and said that she was glad that Miss. Marsh, the nurse, was there to attend the emergency. Miss. Marsh examined Sara. Sara was crying and said it hurts. Rose sat next to Sara and held her hand to comfort her. Jim and Betty stood behind.
Meanings of difficult words:
Jewel case A storage box for a jewels.
Valuable Worthy.
Interrupted Hinder unintentionally.
State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-1 English Standard-9. Old Man River By Dorothy Deming (Slightly adapted) (pp. 193-201). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.