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     'Operator on duty, …… report to office,' a voice bellowed from the loud-speaker.
     He pushed a button and the screen went dark. His mother fell silent.
     He often plays back this recording and he feels as if he is walking again with his mother on the Moon, looking down at his native planet.
A voice interrupted the conversation between the mother and son and demanded that the astronaut report to the office, and the astronaut replied, "coming". Then, the astronaut pressed a button, after which the conversation between mother and son came to an abrupt halt, and the screen went dark.
This indicates that the whole conversation between a mother and her son was just a recording, which he would listen to whenever he thought about his mother. Despite the fact that his goal led him to another galaxy, he couldn't stop thinking about his mother. He felt as if he was strolling on the moon with his mother, staring down at his home planet, whenever he watched the video clip. This shows the love and affection of the astronaut for his mother.
Meaning of difficult words:
BellowTo make a loud, deep sound

State Council of Educational Research and Training (2018). Term-3 English Standard-9. Mother’s Voice - Vasil Berezhnoy (pp. 170-173). Published by the Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation.