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     Their group had gone off to another galaxy after all: they had left their native Sun, which was now just a 12th - magnitude star, visible through the telescope. And they couldn’t see the Earth at all.
     Why had they gone? Because they were young. And humanity is young.
The astronaut's mother feared that one day her son would leave her and never return from space. Finally, it happened that the astronaut and his team had gone off to another galaxy. The sun is the nearest star to the Earth. But, they left the sun, which became a 12th-magnitude star from the place they reached and could only be seen through a telescope. Above all, the crew was unable to see Earth, their home planet on which they were born and raised.
The author concludes by stating that humanity is in its youth, implying that it is the effort of youngsters that aids humanity. In this narrative, the astronaut adored his mother. However, when his ambition and his mother's affection became entwined, he chose his ultimate aim since he was more enthusiastic about it. He never wanted to lose out on the chance to visit another galaxy. The author emphasises the importance of young people's curiosity, ambitions and humanity that help humans.
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