Mothers were all the same, and she was sure to get upset.
     He felt good listening to her. It didn’t matter what she was talking about, he just wanted to hear the voice that was so dear to him.
     ‘Do you know why people settle down on the Moon so easily?’ she was philosophizing. ‘It’s because they are in the gravitation field of their native Earth, under their native Sun. It’s the space  allotted to us by nature. But if you leave your Sun…anything might happen…
The astronaut knew that all mothers are the same and that they do not like being separated from their children for the rest of their lives. The son was afraid that if his mother found out about his mission, she would be upset. He didn't want her to know about his desire and decision to go on a new adventure. So, whatever it was, all he wanted to do was listen to her sweet voice, so he didn't interrupt or argue with her.
The astronaut's mother carried on with her philosophical talk. She went on to say that there was a reason behind why people settle on the Moon so easily over other planets. She believed the Sun, Moon, and Earth all were allotted to humans and that being in the gravitational field of their Earth under the Sun made people more protective. In reality, the Sun provides light to both the Moon and the Earth. The Moon orbits around the Earth and spins around the Sun in the same way the Earth does.
As a result, the astronaut's mother believed that our solar system is an ideal place for humans to live. She also believed that staying away from the Sun could be harmful.

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