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     He listened and listened as if drinking water from a spring on the Earth, in the shade of trees. His mother, looking in the direction of the vast blue globe, lowered  her voice and continued:
     ‘Look, son, isn’t it a miracle? The Earth floats through space, all by itself. See the snow-cap on the pole, and the glittering ocean! The cradle of life. And you want to leave this fabulous beauty!’
     He suddenly saw everything with different eyes. He saw how beautiful his native planet was, a real wonder of nature.
As the astronaut knew it was their last meeting, he continued to listen to his mother's wonderful, dear, familiar voice as if he were drinking water from a spring on Earth in the shade of trees. The author compares the son's listening activity to drinking spring water because, while spring water has contaminants, it also contains natural minerals that are beneficial to one's health and have a taste that one wants to drink again. Similarly, even if his mother's speech appeared to be philosophical, it was his favourite, sweet voice that he wanted to hear again and again.
His mother's voice appeared to change all of a sudden. She talked in hushed tones, her gaze fixed on the wide blue globe seen from the moon. Despite the fact that she was on the moon and appreciated its beauty, she cannot accept that any planet other than Earth is a better one. She then asked her son if it was a miracle that Earth floats through space without the help of anyone. Although it appears that Earth and other planets are floating, they are not.
In actuality, the Sun's enormous gravitational force pulls them towards it, and planets escape the Sun's pull due to its high velocity. As a result of this circular motion, planets appear to be floating in space.
The astronaut's mother tried to convince her son to return to Earth by showing him the wonders of the planet, such as the ice-covered north pole and the glistening seas that cover 70% of the planet.
The astronaut's mother made numerous attempts to emotionally connect him to Earth's natural wonders, such as orchards, lakes, seas, and snow. The astronaut's mind was also influenced at this point. His mother's words made him appreciate the beauty of the world all over again. For a little moment, his technical mind shifted and he began to consider the beauty of the Earth. He, too, was struck by the beauty and wonder of nature (Earth).

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